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Plantation Shutters 1
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Plantation Shutters have never been more popular than they are today and in terms of quality, affordability and versatility. Our plantation shutters offer the ultimate light control, while also giving privacy, security and insulation. They are easy to maintain and clean and unlike curtains they don’t harbour dust particles that may cause allergies.

We have a wide range of colours to suit most rooms in your house. Our plantation shutters are made from sustainable sources. They can be installed inside the reveal close to the window, on the edge with an architrave style finish or outside the recess completely.
Shutters give the room a spacious feel, whilst adding a feeling of warmth and privacy and allowing light in when needed.
Even shaped windows can be covered by shutters enhancing the window and giving you control of the light and glare. Producing a warm and cosy feel without making the room feel enclosed.